Home office wallpaper ideas to boost your productivity

Home office wallpaper can truly boost your productivity. Read on to find out how this simple peel and stick interior trick can help you to become more focused and creative!

Since the pandemic, many of us have farewelled to the daily routes to office and switched to working straight from our homes. Maybe you had this beautiful image how productive working from home could be. Of course, we had it too. Just imagine – rising up just before your productive time, joining Zoom conferences in pyjamas and feeling like a boss of your own… Of course, that sounds like the perfect Monday-to-Friday. however, the reality seemed to be different. Many of us realised that pushing yourself to work when Netflix is just one button away is kind of a mission impossible. On the other hand, you might have noticed that some of the colleagues don’t mind working from home. Even more, they might have become even more productive, earned a few promotions and feel happier than ever. So what’s the secret? Our bet is a well-arranged home office. 

Dedicated working space can truly add a passion and spark back in your job. Of course, technically a laptop on your dinner table also counts as a workspace. But carving out an office or even just a corner dedicated to work can boost your productivity and creativity significantly. Keep in mind one thing that is even more important – such space will draw a clear line between work time and play time. As you already know, using a home office wallpaper is the easiest way of changing the mood, the way you need it to be. And when it is peel and stick, updating the vibe becomes extremely easy and fun. See our peel and stick wallpaper ideas that will help to update your working space and boost your productivity!

Always Focused

If you believe everything minimalist, apply the same rules to your working space. Clean lines and calming colors helps to keep your brain on the important stuff. Clean and uncluttered home office will maintain concentration and help you to focus better. That’s why home office wallpaper with a minimalist pattern will simply help do things better.

Add a pinch of tropical wallpapers

It’s always easier to face the deadlines when you have a clear goal in your mind, right? Like an exotic vacation that is like a grand prize for a well-done job. If you adore everything tropical, use a jungle motif on your home office wallpaper. This design is fun, colorful and always breaks up the routine that sometimes creeps on all of us.

Bold and Bright Wallpapers

If you have a profession that requires a high level of creativity, your surroundings must mirror the vibe as well. That’s why we suggest experimenting with fun colors and adventurous patterns to challenge your mind and keep you feeling creative. Having a whimsical or boho home office wallpaper will surely keep those creative juices flowing.


1 Add Greenery. A house plant will bring life into your workspace. And even more! An American Psychological Association study revealed that you can get 10-15% more work done when being surrounded by plants. What if you have carved your office in the darkest corner at your home? No worries, as it is possible to find a plant that will happily soak in even the smallest doses of sun rays. 

2 Play with the light. We recommend skipping the idea of stuffing your home office with small and meaningless decor objects. Instead of that, put a contemporary or chic lamp on your desk. If you’re looking for a truly creative mood, we suggest mixing soft and bright lightning. For example, you can add a delicate string lights to create a warm glow that relaxes and softens the atmosphere.

3 Use earthy, subdued or natural colors – skip the neon hues! The best way is to choose a home office wallpaper which already features the desired colors.

4 Repeating patterns leave a space for eyes to rest

5 Combine wallpaper with rough plastered walls, wooden or linen textures and indoor plants.