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About Us


Why choose boring and blank when you can go bold and juicy?

THE WALLBERRY is a design company specializing in peel and stick wallpapers… in a smashingly creative and berry-ful way!

We believe that creativity is the fuel that runs the world. Turn your home to a creative playground, play with colors, prints and patterns, set your own rules and mood – for your life and design as well.

You might say – ok, creativity is nice, but what about our quality? We are experts in printing and paper quality. We don’t subcontract just a random printing service but do it by ourselves with the newest technologies, therefore we can move fast and never compromise our high standards. Oh, and we just love paying special attention to each client and his wishes – so go ahead, whisper us yours!

The Wallberry offers premium quality peel and stick wallpapers that are made to last. The hi-tack solution, unlike others you’ll see on the market, will stick on for good and won’t come off by itself. The material is 100% opaque and nothing will show through (yes, even the unauthorized felt-tip artworks that your kiddo left on your walls!).

The Wallberry is created with love by Ance. With my head in the clouds, keeping my hand on the pulse of design trends, and burning in the name of world-changing ideas, I can surely help to add some sugar & spice to your living space.

Waking up one day and deciding to leave my 9-5 job to follow my passion for design might be one of the best things I’ve done in my life. With a many year experience as a magazine editor and being a passionate storyteller, now I finally have the opportunity to tell my stories and tales through the interior design. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients fulfilling their design visions and creating the interior that feels like home and expresses the mood, point of view and feel-good vibes they are constantly striving for.