Yellow Wallpapers

Yellow wallpapers bring on the sunshine and uplift the spirit of every room. From zesty lemon shades to rich mustard hues, yellow is a sure way to add an eye-catching accent to your room. Here comes the sun – explore our collection of yellow wallpapers and enjoy the warm atmosphere they bring along!

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Yellow Wallpapers in Various Interiors

Yellow wallpapers add a vibrant accent to your space. This color brings brightness, warmth and joy and is always chosen as an optimistic hue. If you have ever found yourself in a space that features yellow accents, you might have noticed the impact on your mood. Yellow simply feels good. And when it comes to decorating your home, is there anything else more important than feeling good? We don’t think so! Therefore, choosing a yellow wallpaper is a great way to turn your house into a place that truly feels like home. Long gone are the days when Scandinavian minimalism was the only sophisticated style of decorating. You might remember the endless pictures of white walls, few furniture pieces and literally nothing that makes your eyes wander.  Right now, it is more about making a statement and showing your personality. Similarly to fashion, it is all about your personal style.

Style Over Trends

As you might have noticed, interior trends and fashion goes hand in hand. One thing is especially similar – there are no strict trends that you should follow to leave an impact. We all saw the Scandinavian minimalism and “hygge” design philosophy few years ago. This style left no room for creativity. In other words, it was all white or neutral, laconic and boring, to be honest. When this trend finally passed, the real creativity started. Now personality is the king of any interior and it should reflect the owner’s values, preferences and state of mind. It is not about copying the perfect interior picture from a magazine anymore. Do you feel that a particular style reflects you? Or maybe you saw a very unique interior item and want it, even though any designer might question it? The good news – it doesn’t matter anymore! The room is your playground. 

Impact On Your Mood

Yellow wallpapers have always been used as a true happiness booster. This also explains why this is among the most popular colors of the year. When times are dark and gloomy, we all want a ray of sunshine in our lives. The best way to fulfil it is to have a constant color therapy at your home. Yellow might be the most energetic hue of the warm colors. It is associated with hope, laughter, happiness and freedom. No wonder even the smiley face is yellow! You might notice that all the positive and kind things are in yellow – from smileys to sunflowers. As Vincent Van Gogh has said: “How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.” This color instantly grabs attention. That is why it is used so often on warning signs. 

Happiness on Your Walls

A study in Manchester, England a few years ago proved that yellow is the color of optimists. Scientists asked people about their favorite colors and then assessed their mood. It turned out that people who chose yellow tended to have a healthy, happy mood. The only reason some people shy away from yellow is that they have been burned by too hot or excessive shades. Some color therapists even recommend to check your stress levels in case if you’re never in a mood for yellow. Therefore, having a yellow wallpaper on your accent wall can have a significant impact on your mood and state of happiness. This way, you will never catch the winter blues as there will always be a ray of sunshine at your place.

Shades of Yellow

Yellow wallpapers can be done in so many hues. For example, bright and neon yellow will bring the attention and sometimes can increase fatigue. That is why we have used the ultra brights only as a few accents in our designs to keep it sophisticated and modern. Pale and warm yellow tend to look very natural and chic. That is why we have used these shades as a background for various patterns. Pastel yellows, mustards and saffron hues can look even luxurious when done right. It is proven that yellow has soul-warming qualities and is always associated with cheerfulness and warmth. Even more – some people with seasonal affective disorder choose to wear yellow tinted glasses to have a warmer look to life. In other words, that means something, right? It does have mood improving qualities and that is why it’s so often used in nurseries.

Artistic Styles

So what interior trends can feature yellow wallpapers? In short, all of them. Even minimalist style can include a wallpaper with a dainty yellow pattern. See our art deco lines wallpaper for a reference that beautifully combines two trends. Art Deco could not be imaginable without rich yellow or golden hues. It was the decade of gold and lavish lifestyle, therefore the wallpapers reflected the same opulence. Yellow is one of the most popular choices of kids wallpapers. When applied in a nursery, yellow can become a true haven of happiness and cheerfulness. We have another favorite which is geometric wallpapers with yellow hues. When combined with lines or eye-catching forms, yellow becomes the definition of chic. 

Pairing Yellow

Yellow wallpapers integrate so easily in many interiors. This color is a statement by itself. However, it becomes a nice background for other shades to pop out as well. The key is to work out the right balance between yellow and grounding hues. If you are going for brighter shades, no worries here as well. Yellow pairs beautifully with other vibrant colors, like pink, aquamarine or sapphire blue. However, you can use yellow as a neutral as well. To do so, choose muted or pale hues with subtle brown undertones, like mustard. Complementing colords often come from the cooler side of the color wheel. For example, cool green or blue will always look good with yellow and make it even more vibrant. 

Color of The Braves

Decorating with yellow can perk up the space very quickly. This color is made for all the optimists and brave ones out there. You might ask – what’s so brave about choosing yellow? Most people go for neutrals or classic dark hues when redecorating their house as bright colors require a bit more serious design planning. In other words, it takes some confidence to combine yellow wallpaper in your interior. However, when it’s done right – what a stunning effect it creates!

Ordering Yellow Wallpapers

Explore our collection of yellow wallpapers and get ready to fall in love. Ordering from The Wallberry is simple and fun. First of all, just choose the design that catches your attention. We know that sometimes becomes the toughest part as there are so many options that would look awesome at any space. Second, measure the wall you want to cover with peel and stick wallpaper. Divide the width of the wall with 25 as 25 inches is the width of all our wallpaper panels. This way, you will get the number of panels that needs to get ordered. Next, check the height of the wall and pick the one that matches the best from our panel sizes. And that’s it – you are good to go! 

Production Process

When we get your order, our production team gets to work. Every wallpaper panel is made to order. This means we can carefully follow the quality of every inch that gets printed to ensure you get the finest. If you read our reviews, you’ll see that every client is surprised by the quality they receive. First of all, the material. We use premium peel and stick material that is highly adhesive. Unlike many competitors, we don’t use cheap materials that peel off by itself. Our wallpaper is made to last for years and can be applied to difficult surfaces. When your wallpaper is ready, it gets shipped with tracked FedEx delivery. And again, we don’t want our clients to wait too long. Therefore, every order gets delivered in a very timely manner. The best part? We offer free shipping to United States and Europe on all full-size wallpaper panels.

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