Self Adhesive Wallpapers

Explore our self adhesive wallpapers and choose yours to make your room bloom.

Who wouldn’t want to skip the mess of redesigning the space when you can just stick it for great results? Self adhesive wallpapers truly work like stickers. No wallpaper paste or glue is needed! Just peel off the back layer, adjust it to your wall, and enjoy. This is the easiest room update that can be easily done in a matter of few hours. When looking for a home-makeover inspiration, you will always see a suggestion to go bold or go home. In this case, choosing an outstanding wallpaper is such a fun and easy way to revive your space and give it a dash of personality. Nothing gets more boring than blank walls, right? Plus, it is so easy to get exactly what you want – nothing more, nothing less. 

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Transform Your Space with Modern Self Adhesive Wallpapers

Every wall can become a story of your design preferences, a beautiful accent of your home, and a topic for a conversation with your guests. Long gone are the days when wallpapers were the sign of a grandma chic. Even though we do feature some classic designs like Art Deco wallpapers, all of them are done in a fresh and modern way. Bright and vivid hues, sleek matt finish, and rich material makes any of our options 100% great choice for a sophisticated and stylish design.

Vacation – inspired Mood

When it comes to choosing an interior trend for your private or commercial space, there are so many to choose from. Many clients ask us for design advice, and we are always happy to help. You might wonder – which ones are the trendiest takes of wallpaper right now? Palm leaves and strelitzia or other exotic flowers are featured on some of our most popular designs. When done in vibrant green, yellow, or pink, they always pop out and become a stylish statement. Tropical self adhesive wallpapers help your mind to wander and chill, as they remind you of tropical getaways and sunny beaches. Black and white geometric patterns are always in and a solid choice for all the trendsetters. One of our favorite designs is black and white Dalmatian wallpaper that blends in amazingly in any interior. A style that we have worked on a lot and that has become one of our signatures, is the Art Deco wallpaper category. We love doing fun and colorful geometric designs, and the Great Gatsby-inspired patterns always look sophisticated and tasteful. The design team of The Wallberry loves taking such classics and playing around with the colors, creating something totally unexpected. That’s why we can guarantee that you simply won’t find anything alike when choosing a self-stick wallpaper from our collections. 

Premium Quality Self Adhesive Wallpapers

Can you apply self adhesive wallpapers and to textured walls? Many clients are worried that this kind of material is not suited for textured walls or difficult surfaces. Usually, they are right, as many companies use low-quality materials that won’t stay up for long. We, on the opposite, provide only the finest to our clients. That means a premium-quality highly adhesive material that will work on smooth AND difficult surfaces as well. The wallpaper will stick for good on lightly textured, concrete, wooden, or even brick walls. Plus, the material we use is 100% opaque so nothing will show through. No worries here as well!

Some ask if self adhesive wallpaper is removable. Our answer is – it depends. As we said before, our material is highly adhesive. That means it will stick for years and is way more durable than the ones used by other companies. It can be removed smoother and in one solid piece, not like a traditional material, if done correctly. The main rule here is peeling off the paper super slowly and carefully, in 180 degrees against the wall. Using a fan heater or hair dryer to soften the glue will definitely help. Thankfully, we are quite sure that you will completely fall in love with the wallpaper so there will be no need to replace it. 

Feel free to explore the various design options and choose the best peel and stick wallpapers for your picture-ready walls!

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