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Here we organize our wallpapers by color. Please choose your preferred color from our peel and stick wallpapers categories below and enjoy the broad range of wallpaper products in our online shop.

Shop By Color – Peel and Stick Wallpapers

When adding a fresh accent to your apartment or coming up with a complete redesign project, one of the hardest things to do is deciding on a color palette. You don’t want to go overboard with mixing too many colors and hues, therefore risking to turn the room into a chaos. On the other hand, you don’t want it to look plain boring as well. The best way of figuring this out is choosing a wallpaper that blends in perfectly.

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When you shop by color, keep in mind just a few few things. First, decide the color scheme that matches your furniture. Consider the environment for clues. If you’re having a historic brick house with warm light and rich wooden accents, having an ultra modern icy blue walls bight seem a bit out of the place. Second, adhere to the same tone – cool or warm. Mixing them both is a strong no-no, unless you are very confident that having a jarring look is what you’re after. Therefore, decide the family you’re going after and stick to it. If you have at least one color that you love, that already is a strong clue that helps coming up with the rest. To do so, select a color that has the same undertone and it will coordinate seamlessly. If looking for a wallpaper, try to find the undertone in the design combination.

Matching a Wallpaper to Paint

The easiest way of having a coordinated look with the existing furniture and painted walls, is choosing a wallpaper. This way, a creative pattern that already features one of the shades seen in house, will create a stunning color scheme. When you decide to shop by color, check the collections featured as we have many options. To make the decision easier, we have divided the wallpapers by color. From yellow wallpapers to neutral or pink wallpapers, we have them all. 

How To Pick When You Can’t Decide?

Color scheme has the ability to make or break the room. So many factors play a role, especially when there are so many shades of each color. For example, even white can have thousands of different shades and each interior designer has his favorite one. One tip that always helps is creating a mood board. Open up the good old Pinterest and get lost in millions of inspiring and beautiful interiors. Soon enough you’ll notice what catches your eye and attention. Pay attention to the furniture you’re having and try to find photos with similarly colored items. Gather the photos of inspiration rooms with similar cabinets or couches and pay attention to wall or rug colors. That way, you can see what works together and what doesn’t.

Order Samples

We will never be too tired to remind one general rule of redecorating – order samples! Here on The Wallberry, we offer peel and stick wallpaper samples as well. First of all, you’ll be able to evaluate the great quality of the material we use. Second, you will have the opportunity to see how the specific design and colors look in different lightning conditions. We all know that the quality of light plays a big role in your appartment and how it looks. Therefore, warm beige in a poor light can look sad and a bit depressive. However, when applied in a room with big windows and bright light, it becomes sophisticated and luxurious. Therefore, when you shop by color, keep in mind that nothing helps to decide as having a sample on hand.