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Here we organize our wallpapers by room. Please choose your designated room from our peel and stick wallpapers by room section below. Enjoy the broad range of wallpaper products in our shop by room selection!

Shop the Selection: Wallpapers By Room

If you want to update your space but don’t know where to start, look no further. We present our collection edits to help you shop wallpapers by room. Some clients come to us with impressive mood boards made by interior designers. On the other hand, others start by exploring the collections without any previously considered preferences to find the one design that catches an eye. And guess what? None of these options are wrong. However, to make the designing process easier for customers and interior designers alike, we have sorted the wallpapers by room. 

As with everything design-related, rules are truly meant to be broken. If you find the perfect design within kitchen wallpapers, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for a nursery. And vice versa. These selections are just guidelines from our in-house design aficionados that you can use as reference points. If you want to redesign the dining room or home office but have no ideas at all, it can become a fun adventure to dive in and be completely open to all the possibilities. Therefore,  you can shop wallpaper by room to come up with a completely unexpected design solution that refreshens the atmosphere.

Endless Custom Design Options

When it comes to customisation, we can be very elastic here as well. If you adore the print of a pink art deco wallpaper but would prefer blues over pinks, just contact us. Most of the designs can be customisable when it comes to colors. Therefore, you can truly come up with a perfect design which in addition is absolutely unique. Even more, you can use one of the designs as a reference to start creating your own pattern with us. We love new challenges and customers with special requests are always treated well to meet their needs.