Boho wallpapers: adding some personality to your space

peel and stick boho wallpapers

Boho wallpapers are the simplest way of adding a splash of personality to your space. And when they come as peel and stick, what’s not to like? Applying self adhesive wallpapers is equally easy and fun as the patterns they feature. Therefore, playing around with the atmosphere at your place becomes a fun experience for everyone.

Boho wallpapers at your place

So first of all – what does Boho actually means? Short of bohemian, this style is inspired by the patterns, textures and colors of the bazars and markets of North Africa and the Middle East. Some say there’s an Asian influence as well. If you have ever experienced Moroccan souks or explored African artisan crafts, you perfectly know what we mean. Bright, exotic, vivid and adventurous – bring it all on! The other thing about boho is that it’s pretty hard to define it. Bohemian style is very unconventional, and expressing yourself is the best way to achieve it.

There isn’t a strict color scheme or a particular print you have to stick with. In contrary, you can mix bright with neutral, vintage with modern and so on. The only rule here is to abandon minimalism at all costs. Every blank or empty surface can become an opportunity to fill it with something exciting and complex. 

As you might have heard us stating before, blank is boring. And when it’s so easy to install peel and stick boho wallpapers, why wouldn’t you? Boho interior perfectly embodies the carefree and laid back spirit of a well-travelled life. Embodying rich hues and bold patterns allows you to express your personality. And in this century of copy-paste lifestyles, that sounds like the right answer for a perfect interior.

Breezy aquamarines, deep teals, burnt terracottas, and vibrant pinks. When it comes to color palette of peel and stick boho wallpapers, there are truly no rules at all… Except for staying away from safe options. The same goes for patterns. Some of our favorite options are paisley, ikat, bold florals, and ethnic prints. One thing we can confirm – bohemian interior is for the bold ones. And if you’re ready to go the adventurous way, feel free to explore our options of peel and stick boho wallpapers