How To Create An Art Deco Interior: 5 Tips

Art Deco interior tips by The Wallberry

Welcome back to the Roaring Twenties! As we step into a new decade, there is something from the past that interior designers are willing to take along from the previous century. Yes, you guessed it – it’s the lavishing Art Deco design trend.

You might ask – why is everyone so obsessed with this decade? The era of jazz, black-and-white movies, and reckless social events by the pool truly had something special about it. We just simply cannot forget it. Celebrating life like there’s no tomorrow, and doing it so classy paved the way for this trend to survive through decades. That’s why it has a bold comeback on a regular basis.

Art Deco interior is named as one of the top trends for 2021 by various designers and magazines. Art Deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, truly is one of the richest trends to reach for. The good news – you don’t have to hire Great Gatsby as your interior designer to achieve the look and feel of the Golden Age. It takes just a few important accents to create an opulent effect, like an art deco wallpaper.

1) Bold Accent Walls of Art Deco Interior

Wallpaper was the king back then. What defines the Art Deco wallpaper is a continuous pattern and geometric shapes. All the posters and architectural gems from the age of jazz have one thing in common – symmetric and clean lines. To make all the metallic and marble details pop amazingly, say yes to dark and jewel tones on your walls. Contrasting color combinations work really well too. For example, black and white, pink and deep blue etc. Highly saturated shades make a great background and create a moody and lush atmosphere. 

2) Mirrors And Lighting

Faceted mirrors, loads of glossy surfaces, posh chandeliers, and rich textures are just a few features of a fine Art Deco example. A mirror can become a significant statement piece. Especially when chosen in a geometric shape or in a decadent frame. This is also where the over-the-top crystal or glass chandeliers come in game.

3) All That Shines – But Don’t Go Crazy

Choose the hard art deco interior accessories that are literally dripping in gold. For example, photo frames, candleholders, unique decors, and ornaments as they will add a sense of opulence to every room. The only rule here would be “go big, but stay sane”. By that, we mean keeping a sense of sanity and not filling every display with loads of decadent decors. You wouldn’t want your home to look like an overloaded antique store.

4) Celebrating Art Deco Interior

The era of Art Deco was all about celebrating life. That’s why your dinner table should look like a piece of art. When it comes to dining there really isn’t such thing as “too much”. We’re talking gold-plated porcelain plates with geometric ornaments, beaded coasters, fabric napkins with napkin rings. You can go even further with a portable drinks trolley which displays an extravagant collection of glassware and a selection of spirits.

5) Nice To Touch

Go wild with the fabrics! Using carpets or rugs in the center of rooms is a famous feature of Art Deco interior. This trend attracts attention with a play of textures. Therefore, a luxuriously soft carpet fits in just perfectly. And don’t forget about velvet! Art Deco is all about the atmosphere, and nothing screams decadence like velvet in rich or jewel tones.