Pink Wallpapers

Pink wallpapers to make your room bloom. From soft pastels to bright and vibrant hues, pink can have so many personalities. It can be sophisticated and chic or cute and playful – it all depends on the shade you choose. From baby pink that suits princesses of all ages to luxurious powder rose hues, explore the finest collection of peel and stick pink wallpapers.

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Pink Wallpapers To Create a Statement

Some people think that pink is only an option for nurseries. However, if you look closer to our designs, you’ll see there’s way more to choose from. Pink is more than just the official color of baby girls. Pink wallpaper is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a statement that still feels safe.  Even more, this color will never darken your room and it will be easy to match with your existing furniture. In other words, pink always adds a touch of personality. 

Why Choose Pink

Pink wallpapers and pink decor in general is having a moment right now. And we can clearly see the reason! This is such a happy, energetic, joyful and light color that eases the mind and let’s your sight wander. On the other hand, pink can also become a very assertive and strong accent, especially when choosing magenta hues. This color can be imaginable in every interior. Whether you choose to update your office or beauty salon, restaurant or cafe, or maybe your bathroom or living room – pink gives so many options to play around. This shade is appropriate for any space and it can create any atmosphere you desire. 

Associated Emotions

Have you ever thought that there are certain kind of people who tend to choose pink wallpapers? Colors can hold a ton of hidden meaning. Some color psychologists tend to think that people who choose pink in their bedrooms are more inclined to romance and tenderness. This color is often associated with calmness, love, kindness and femininity. On the other hand, bold and vibrant shades of pink can have a very stimulating vibe. This color usually gets associated with feminism but it can also have a masculine effect. To achieve that, use the hue with simple patterns and sophisticated designs. Pink hints at trustworthiness and youthness, so use this color to support these characteristics of your space. 

The Cultural Icons

Pinks have become a mainstay for various reasons. The star moment of pink wallpapers were in Wes Anderson’s movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. Many cinema connoisseurs still believe this is the finest and the most aesthetically pleasing movie ever made to the date. And we can clearly see the reason why. Pink wallpapers and other bright interior solutions were at the centre of attention and created an eye catching background for the movie plot. Another culture highlight that included this color came with the famous Millennial Pink. This phenomenon took over the social media and basically every interior you could imagine. This shade brought a high dose of style and positivity. Therefore, it gained huge popularity all over the world. 

Different Shades

Pink is a color that combines very well with different shades. It creates the perfect playground where one can mix and match different styles and trends. For example, pink looks stunning with rich or navy blue. This combination creates a very modern effect that suits well in different interiors. Greenery was the Pantone’s hit of the last year which looked amazing when combined with pink. Just put some green plants against a blush rose wall and you’ll see how harmonious it looks. For a more muted and sophisticated effect, pair linen shades with pale blush pink. On the other hand, dusty pink looks so luxurious with plain white. This solution works basically in any interior and is especially popular in bathrooms. The same goes with adding some grey hues which looks stunning in a bedroom. For a bolder statement, mix pink with red which is a choice of the braves.

Mixing With Green

Pink wallpapers that are applied in an interior with green accents becomes a true attention stealer.   Do you want to know the best part? There are many shades of green that combine stunningly with pink. Therefore, it is easy to come up with a great result even if you don’t have the skills and education of a professional interior designer. From olive to emerald and sage, most of the green shades will work. A brighter combination looks especially well in smaller interiors.

Combining With Mustard

Mustard yellow is another favorite of ours. This incredibly rich and warm color adds a grounded yet chic feel to any interior. When you combine it with pink, you will come up with a non-standard solution that looks absolutely gorgeous. Of course, this choice will suit the ones who are not afraid of adding an additional “oomph!” to their space. It creates a sense of adventures and looks perfect in midcentury, boho or vintage-style interiors.

A Choice Of the Braves – Pink And Black

Pink wallpapers become the perfect side kick of strong and contrasting colors. The best example is pink and black. Other dark shades that work amazingly well are dark brown, navy and anthracite grey. The key of creating a sophisticated space lies in balance. Just make sure to not create the interior too dark or vice versa. otherwise, one of the colors will completely drown in the background of another.

Restaurants and Cafes

Pink wallpapers are a popular choice of public areas. They create a playful, calm and comforting atmosphere, therefore become often used in restaurants or cafes. Bright pink prints can merge funk in different details and it pairs amazingly well with different shades. On the other hand, blush rose or powder hues create a luxurious and chic vibe. Therefore, pink is often chosen  to create an Instagram-worthy interior in public spaces. 

Pink Nursery Wallpaper

There is no doubt that pink wallpapers are among the most popular design solutions when it comes to decorating a nursery. Pink could be the sweetest and lightest hues of them all which also guarantees a high dose of comfort. Some think that this is a gender stereotype and we completely agree – a girl’s room can easily feature any color, just like boy’s. Yes, even pink!  This color has endless hues to choose from to fit any kind of design. Therefore, this is a classy interior option that always look enchanting and never boring. In other words, you can never go wrong by choosing pink nursery wallpaper. 

Pink Bedroom Wallpaper

We recommend pink bedroom wallpaper to increase the softness and intimacy of the room. This is one of our favorite bedroom options as it boosts the tenderness of the space and easily relieves the pressure and stress. And again, pink is way more than definition of femininity. If you choose very pale blush hue, it can look very delicate and luxurious without being too cute. The same goes for dusty rose shade which is one of the most sophisticated options out there.

Best Pairings

Pink wallpapers is a match made in heaven as they fit basically any interior. One of our favorites is art deco style. Gold is among the best-known art deco characteristics and it looks simply stunning when combined with pink accents. For example, see our Pink Art Deco wallpaper. Pink is a traditional choice for nurseries. It looks especially cute with different textures, like faux fur carpets or duvets. To make pink more sophisticated and grown up, pick a geometric style. Even more, when you choose a more pale color, it becomes a chic statement by itself. Our recommendation is to go for a pattern that has mixed different shades of pink. That creates a rich and unique color scheme. And last but not least, every floral wallpaper looks simply gorgeous if it features some pink accents.

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