Orange Wallpapers

Orange wallpapers bring vitality and optimism to any space. This is the juiciest and most unique accent you could possibly wish for! However, orange has a wide variety of shades that allows to create any mood. For example, pastel peach is a soft and very modern hue that looks beautiful and instantly lightens up the room. The same goes for nude with orange undertones. It looks expensive and sophisticated yet never overpowering. On the other hand, terracotta or burnt orange has been one of the most popular color trends for a few years now. These shades create a warm and earthy vibe that instantly looks stylish. Explore our collection of orange wallpapers and you will easily find the one that fulfils your design expectations!

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Incorporating Orange Wallpapers In Your Interior

Orange wallpapers are becoming more popular with interior designers and trendsetters. And we can clearly see the reason. This color has been underused in decorating even though it delivers such a refreshing twist to the space. As Pablo Picasso said, “colours, like features, follow the changes of emotions”. The right color can do so much more than just spruce up the space. It can elevate the mood and have effect on psychological well being. Therefore, orange as one of the happiest colors is a perfect match to be used when decorating your next project. Due to the resemblance to 70s, orange wallpapers are often used in bohemian interiors. terracotta, ochre, burnt orange and peach hues are often seen in boho design and they add a significant amount of richness. One thing that has become especially trendy is a modern desert look as we call it.

The Color Of Sunsets

Here’s an interesting fact – as it turns out, orange didn’t have a name until 16th century. Until then, it was simply recognised as yellow-red. Sometimes it was also described as saffron. This hue radiates warmth and has become incredibly chic these last years. Orange is often associated with the color of sunsets, citrus fruits, freedom, joy, summer and playfulness. It is optimistic and adventurous. Warm colors are becoming more and more popular in various interiors. Therefore, orange wallpapers are having their moment. Just open Pinterest and scroll through the feed to find out that this hue is dominating in so many inspiration-worthy apartments.

Warm and Optimistic Accent

Orange is an active color so it is better to choose more muted tones for the space where you seek some rest. For example, a soft apricot hue will become a gorgeous accent in a bedroom or nursery. This soft color will add some light, warmth and coziness to the room. Pastel orange is a beautiful choice for a gender neutral kids room as well. On the other hand, more vibrant shades like tangerine or terracotta will add a chic and exciting accent that works perfectly in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, cafes and other public spaces. Orange is a perfect match with taupe, milky whites, greys, muted greens or navy blues. 

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