Single Color Wallpapers

Single color wallpapers is a genius way of dressing up your walls in a single color without using paint. Just choose your favorite shade and be sure that we can produce that! If you have a rental or simply want to refresh a wall without using paint, plain color wallpapers are the best choice to do so. So how to produce a wallpaper in the color you need? First of all, choose a shade from our palette or send us a HEX code, photo or name of a paint. By the way, we can produce basically any color out there! Second, choose the panel size and amount needed to cover the wall and finish the order. Simple as that! Our wallpaper material is peel and stick which turns the applying process in such an easy game. Just peel it, stick it and love it!

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Explore the Collection Of Single Color Wallpapers

The finest, most creative and unique wallpapers can be found at The Wallberry. However, if you want to skip patterns or funky motifs, we offer single color wallpapers as well. That means you can choose to replace paint buckets and huge mess with peel and stick wallpapers! Just choose the color from our palettes or come up with your own shade. Use a HEX code of a color, name of a paint or simply send us a picture to replicate the hue you’re after.

Production Process

When we get your order, our production team gets to work. Every panel of single color wallpapers is made to order. This means we can carefully follow the quality of every inch that gets printed to ensure you get the finest. If you go through our reviews, you’ll see that every client is stoked by the quality they receive. First of all, the material. We use premium peel and stick material that is highly adhesive. Unlike many competitors, we don’t use cheap materials that peel off by itself. Our wallpaper is made to last for years and can be applied to difficult surfaces. When your wallpaper is ready, it gets shipped with tracked FedEx delivery. The best part? We offer free shipping to United States and Europe on all full-size wallpaper panels.

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