Art Deco Peel and Stick Wallpaper GATSBY

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Art Deco is having a comeback – are you ready to join the trendsetters and invite this Gatsby-inspired art deco peel and stick wallpaper at your home?

A wallpaper that even Great Gatsby would approve. We are introducing our GATSBY wallpaper collection with this beautiful Art Deco Peel and Stick Wallpaper. The roaring 20’s brought a great influence on architecture and design. Right now this trend looks better than ever – especially when featured on your walls, ready to wow every guest and… of course, yourself. Just pour a glass of champagne, step back, and enjoy the magnificent class and sophistication on your walls. A beautiful and confident choice for a

The primary color of this wallpaper is dark anthracite grey with a light brown pattern. If you want to customize the colors or wallpaper size, please contact us.


Our peel and stick wallpaper material is super easy to apply and extremely durable. It is designed to repeat the pattern beautifully. Can you apply peel and stick wallpaper to textured walls? Many clients are worried that this kind of material is not suited for textured walls or difficult surfaces. Usually, they are right, as many companies use low-quality materials that won’t stay up for long. We, on the opposite, provide only the finest to our clients. That means a premium-quality highly adhesive material that will work on smooth AND difficult surfaces as well. The Navy Art Deco Leaf Wallpaper will stick for good on lightly textured, concrete, wooden, or even brick walls. In addition, the material we use is 100% opaque so nothing will show through. Therefore, no worries here as well!



– Super easy to install and remove;

– The navy Art Deco Wallpaper has a very light texture to adjust the background perfectly;

– It works like a sticker. Therefore, no wallpaper paste or glue is needed;

– PVC free and water-resistant;

– Fire-resistant – Class A/Class 1 fire rating according to ASTM E84 Standards;

– We advise applying this wall covering from smooth to lightly textured surfaces. However, it does work well on difficult surfaces as well, like brick, textured, or wooden walls;

– Our Navy Art Deco Wallpaper material is 100% opaque;

– Do not apply the peel and stick wallpaper to freshly painted walls, or surfaces painted in the last four weeks. Looks best when applied to smooth surfaces. We have included the wallpaper instructions with each order.

* Please contact us regarding custom sizes and colors of this 1920s inspired wallpaper.


25" x 20" / 63.5 x 50.8 cm, 25" x 96" / 63.5 x 244 cm, 25" x 108" / 63.5 x 275 cm, 25" x 120" / 63.5 x 304 cm, 25" x 144" / 63.5 x 366 cm