Create a Gender Neutral Nursery With a Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Creating a gender neutral nursery is not a simple task, when most people still tend to reach for the traditional and obvious “blue for boys, pink for girls” gateway. But with various and chic self adhesive wallpaper options it is more than easy to create a gender neutral nursery that looks sophisticated and chic. Read on to explore all the possibilities.

The keyword ‘gender neutral nursery’ recently got a spike in search results, and it’s not just because one wants to bypass the delivery room surprise that might affect the decorating plans. Creating a chic and design conscious nursery that’s stylish and has the right amount of fun for the baby can be challenging, but when done right, it can become an inspiring and adorable place for the little adventurer. Gender neutral kids room doesn’t mean that it has to be all-white or beige (read: super boring for the tiny human). Here are few wallpaper ideas to creatively decorate the prettiest nursery that looks modern and versatile. 

Gender neutral nursery wallpaper with dots and rainbows - The Wallberry

Paint Dots Wallpaper

Rainbow Wallpaper

Black And White Dots

Monochrome dots pattern has become super trendy and looks amazing in a nursery - it’s fun enough for the kid but also gives a touch of minimalist sophistication. It’s clean, bright and modern, and allows to play with fun color accents, decors and furniture. If looking for a bigger statement and design punch, choose the dots + rainbows wallpaper which makes nursery even more whimsical.

Gender neutral nursery wallpaper woodland themed - The Wallberry

Woodland Wallpaper

Woodland Adventurer

If you’re thinking of a more playful and animated design option, look no further - this forest trees & houses wallpaper creates a rustic, woodland-themed nursery vibe. The warm hues evoke a cozy ‘cabin in the woods’ atmosphere that helps building up the adventurous camping scene.

Gender neutral nursery wallpaper with birds - The Wallberry

Flying Birds Wallpaper

Birds for the Little Wanderer

Sheer and subtle colour background with a continuous bird pattern looks dreamy and makes the little one wander. This visually stimulating design looks sophisticated and timeless enough so there doesn’t have to be a major redesign once the baby gets to toddlerhood. 

Gender neutral nursery with hands - The Wallberry

High Five Wallpaper

High Five For The Witty Ones

Decorating the kids room shouldn’t be so serious, especially when facing the world can already be a lot for the little human. This witty ‘high five’ pattern makes parents and babies smile, turning the nursery in a happy place. 

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